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Video Games.

Discover our premier recording studio, where passion and excellence converge to create extraordinary records. Our analog gear selection is a testament to our commitment to sonic brilliance. From vintage mics to outboard processors, every element in our signal chain is carefully chosen for the ultimate sound. Our prized Neve 5088 console elevates recordings to new heights. Join us and experience the art of capturing greatness with meticulously curated equipment.

Gear list

Neve Shelford 5088 / IMAC 27” / Avid HD Native / Logic X Pro / Protools Ultimate HD / Lynx Aurora (x2) / Focal Trio 6 Be Monitors / Hearback Technologies headphone monitor (5 boxes)

Neve 1073 preamps (x2) / Neve 1272 preamps (original, x2) / API 312 preamps (x4) / Chandler TG2 preamps (x2)

We have a wide variety of drums, guitars, basses, guitar pedals, synths, amps and cabinets.


Chandler Germanium compressor (x2) / Tegeler Creme / Tegeler Raumzeitmaschine Tube Reverb / SSL Fusion / SSL BUS + / Pultec EQP -1A (original) / Universal Audio Teletronix LA2A / Universal Audio 1176LN / Kush Audio Clariphonic / Manley Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ / Neve 535 compressor 500 series (x2) / SSL G Comp 500 series / Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph 500 series / API 2500 / Orban parametric equalizer (original) / Manley Variable Mu Compressor / Roger Mayer 456HD Tape Emulator / Roland Chorus Echo SRE 555 (x2) / Roger Mayer RM87 EQ (x2) (from the board at The Hit Factory) / Pro VLA II Compressor / DBX 231S Graphic Equalizer


Neumann U67 / Neumann U FET 47 / Neumann U87 / Neumann km184 (x2) / Telefunken AK47 mk2 / Coles 4038 Ribbon Matched Pair / Beyer M88 / Heil PR40 / AKG D112 mk2 / AKG P220 / Shure SM57 (x3) / Shure SM7B (x2) / Shure Beta 58 / Sennheiser MD421 (x2) / AKG D140E (x2) / Audix F115 / Electrovoice 635A / Rode NT5 (x2) / Sennheiser e906 x2 / Sennheiser e904 x2


Fischer and Sons 1910s Grand


AKAI MPK 249 / AKAI mini


Simmons Clap Trap


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